Garbage Chute Systems

Garbage Chute Systems

Manual garbage collection in high rise buildings, commercial establishments & malls is a tough job owing to the height of these buildings. It involves extensive use of manpower to collect the garbage from door to door. It needs collecting trolleys which are moved through the passages & elevators spreading odour & nuisance. To ease garbage collection, Garbage Chute Systems are installed in such building where garbage is collected centrally at one single point & with ease. We are the manufacturers & suppliers of Garbage Chute Systems based in Pune.

Size of Garbage Chutes

  • 390 mm diameter (Usually 1.0 mm thick)
  • 450 mm diameter (Usually 1.2 mm thick)
  • 600 mm diameter (Usually 1.5 mm thick)

Materials of Constructions

  • Stainless Steel – Grade SS430 (Typical Garbage Chute)
  • Stainless Steel – Grade SS304 (Non Rusting Long Life)
  • Stainless Steel – Grade SS316 (Highest Quality)

Key features of our Garbage Chute Systems

  • Customization as per customers need in Size, Thickness & Quality
  • Manufactured & Installed in India as per IS6924:2001 & NBC 2016
  • Manufactured in stainless steel for good quality & long life
  • Full welding of the ducts along the length
  • Totally auto operated by SMART panel, requires no human intervention
  • Daily compulsory cleaning by self-operating sanitation system
  • Phenyl dosing at the top only once a month, not daily
  • Odour control system to control the odour in the garbage room. It is non-chemical type & has no recurring costs
  • Exhaust fan at the top with minimum 30 air changes / hour
  • Impact absorber at the bottom to protect the bins from damage by impact
  • Fire sprinklers on the every floor to exhaust any fire immediately
  • Discharge end fire doors
  • HDPE injection molded wheeled bins for long life & available in 240 / 360 / 660 / 1100 liters options as per customer’s need
  • Temperature sensor in the garbage room to sense any rise in temperature due to fire which will start the alarm & the pump from the top to extinguish any fire immediately.
  • Advanced options available on request