Water Treatment Plants (WTP)

Water Treatment Plants (WTP)

We Ecomatrix Solutions are leading manufacturer and supplier of Water Treatment Plants (WTP) in India | Ecomatrix Solutions Pune Maharashtra India.

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Water is life & we cannot survive without it. However, naturally available water in rivers, lakes, wells, bore wells etc. is not be suitable for direct use. The raw water has different characteristics owing to different salts & suspended solids it carries. Hence, different types of waters need different solutions to purify the same depending upon the end use. We understand this & hence we provide solutions to our customers which are specific to them. Water contains floating, suspended, colloidal & dissolved particles which need to be removed from the water before it can be used for any particular application.

Depending upon the end use of the water, we manufacturer & supply the following

  • Media Filters
    Media Filters (DMF, MMF & PSF) are used to remove turbidity & suspended solids from the water. Media filters act as pretreatment for many advanced water treatment technologies such as Ultra Filtration, Reverse Osmosis or as post treatment for Sewage & Effluent treatment. Sand, gravels, pebbles & anthracite etc are used to trap the suspended solids from the water. Media filters are designed according to the type of water & flowrate. We manufacture & supply above filters in MS coated with epoxy paint, FRP lining or rubber lining, Stainless Steel or FRP vessels as required by the application
  • Activated Carbon Filters (ACF)
  • Softeners
    Softeners are used to remove the Calcium & Magnesium salts from the water. Calcium & Magnesium salts are present in all water resources & must be removed in order to make the water suitable for end use. These salts are responsible for the scaling of the tubes, pipes, vessels, cooling towers etc. which reduces the flow & heat transfer. Softeners replace calcium & magnesium ions with sodium ions thereby removing the hardness from water. Softeners are often used in industries, hospitals, residential complexes to make the water usable. Softeners are required for cooling towers, boilers, chillers, textile dying, hospitals & pharma applications.
  • Ultra Filtration (UF) Units
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO)